Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014-06-14 Saturday

Fathers' Day

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I suppose it’s no different from any other Sunday to me. I miss my dad. I wish I had gotten to know him better, that he had not been an invalid last years of his life, and that he had not died so very young.

I really wish I had known my grandfather, Nick Temple, longer. I was she had not had those strokes which limited his ability to speak. I wish I could have sat beside him and heard from his mouth the stories I have heard about him from others.

I am a father. I suppose not the best in the world. I deeply miss my sons and grandchildren.

Kittens' One Year Old Tomorrow

 Tomorrow is the kittens one year birthday. I’ve created a blog for Nicks Bytes with a few pictures of their kittenhood.

Very Tired, Sad. & Anxious

I am quite tired at the moment, even though I have probably slept most of the last 12 hours. My body temperature, which usually runs quite low (96.5 to 97.5) was up to 99.7 earlier this evening. It has dropped to 98.9. My blood pressure has been out of whack, jumping up and down, for several weeks. The last measurement I took about 20 minutes ago read it 135/95. That does concern me since up until a very short time ago my blood pressure was in the okay range, 120/80 and below.

We are out of kitty treats and almost out of food. It is a difficult month, as each has been since January when my Social Security check ahs been shorted over $200 each month. 

Please help.
Just a little bit?

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