Monday, June 9, 2014

2014-06-09 Monday

This journal post could almost be the same as yesterday’s post. I am still having difficulty walking on my weekly; however, I only pissed on myself once today trying to get to the bathroom. I still have not located that little handheld urinal thing. Of course, my leg hasn’t been strong enough to move around looking for it.

The Kitty Kids seem to be a bit more demanding today than they did yesterday. Well, I should say, “Midnight has been more demanding today than she was yesterday.” (I am still not 100% sure that Midnight is female. The brief moments I have to inspect her rear end too short to be conclusive).

I still need to some how from somewhere raise the money to pay the Louisville Gas and Electric bill. It is about $151.00; I have $26.00 to live on for the rest of the month. I need to contact more local churches; however, it’s hard for me when I have difficulty speaking on the telephone, difficulty staying awake, and difficulty asking someone to help me. After all, all my life I have been the one responding to requests for aid; it has only been recently that I have been the one asking for aid.

I am hoping against reality that the US Department of Education will refund some or all of the $1200 they have taken from my Social Security check thus far in 2014. Perhaps I’ll have the energy tomorrow to make more telephone calls to see if I can find out from Washington what is going on. Or perhaps it is better that I use my awake time to seek the money to pay my electric bill.

I telephoned my mother around 5 o’clock after I had awakened from my second afternoon nap. It seems that she had not realized that she had not talked to me yesterday. That’s good. When Mom does not talk to me, she creates in her mind the worst possible scenario such as I have fallen and along the floor, or even dead.

I have been awake now about an hour and a half. My leg hurts sitting up, so as soon as I publish this journal post, I shall again recline in my lift chair and elevate my legs.

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Blessings to all!

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  1. I always wanted a house full of cats, and now Mona and I have three. The city limits us to four, so we're keeping an eye out to expand our little family. I really believe our furry little friends are gifts from God! :)