Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014-06-08 Sunday

Today was another day of nausea and left leg weakness. This not being able to walk is becoming a real bother. Twice today I pissed myself trying to make it to the bathroom. Somewhere I have one of those and hand-held urinals, but I can’t stay on my feet long enough to find it.

I have had difficulty getting to the kitchen to prepare my meals. This evening I did something that, considering I don’t have enough money to pay the utility bill this month or additional food for the Kitty kids at me, was really dumb. I ordered and had delivered a pizza, which will provide three meals for me and which I do not plan to refrigerate. (Anything to stay off my feet).

Again I have been napping a lot today. I regret taking a late afternoon nap that lasted until after 8 PM because I miss my time to telephone my mother. I attempted to call her after I woke up, but it was evidently too late and she was already asleep. Not being able to talk to her saddens me; at age 91, I won’t have that many more opportunities to talk to Mom.

The Kitty Kids have been real darlings today. Even Alex allowed me to nap through their 5 PM dinnertime. Sugar is unhappy that we are again out of kitty cat treats; however, she finally ate the dry cat food I offered her in their stead. With my limited mobility, Midnight no longer follows the into the bathroom but is now is there ahead of me, awaiting my arrival.

That’s it for this Sunday. I completed tomorrow’s Nick’s Bytes blog post late this morning. So I shall now meditate, attempt to massage my leg, and go back to sleep.

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